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Our ultra-supportive community of traders from all over the world of all experience levels. We post daily TA, run competitions and loads of giveaways every month. 

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We talk to the brightest trading minds on the planet, teasing out the best tips, tricks, and techniques, helping to turn beginner traders, into pros…

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Meet Us – The Guys Behind UTG!

Adam  (Aka Adz) 

Having started in Forex and trading bots in early 2016, Adam brings a whole different trading skill set to UTG that you’ll find anywhere else.

Adam’s trading style is all about what’s simple and what WORKS. When to comes to trading with bots or supply and demand, Adam is your GUY!

Ty (Aka Tex) 

Our traders love Tex’s laid back approach to trading, taking the lead educating on high-level mindset and psychology techniques, helping traders avoid the pitfalls loads of beginners face.

With a love for trading indicators and tools, you’ll often find Tex charting  ETH, LTC or Altcoins with one of our many customer UTG trading goodies you can find here on our site.. why? Because they WORK!

Master Market Cycles With Wyckoff

supply and demand

This is How Whales Trade Crypto..

What is My Perfect Trader Type?!

beginner trading mistakes

Avoid These Trading Mistakes NOW!

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Easy to Trade Candle Formations

The Ultimate Visual Trend Tool

Frequently asked questions

What Exactly Is Unity Trading Group?

We’re all about helping struggling traders learn the easiest ways to confidently trade the world market in 2020. Our mission is to create the most supportive and comprehensive home of trading on the web.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Group Free?

YES – all of our guides and content inside are discord and website are 100% FREE!

Frequently asked questions

Does It Matter If I'm a Beginner Trader?

Heck no! While having some prior trading experience is an advantage, you do not need to be an experienced trader to benefit from our community because we’ll guide you every step of the way with full support and help. We all start somewhere!

Frequently asked questions

What Happens Inside The Discord.

We have a 24/7 group chat, twice weekly live group sessions, plus new recorded video & bonus content created every single week. Plus almost 100hrs of trading videos and over 20 premium trading guides!

Frequently asked questions

I Have a Question. Who Can I Talk to?

Tex and Adz are ALWAYS available to answer any questions you have. Simply email us at info@unitytradinggroup.com or head over to our discord at any time to ask us a question.
We love to answer them all! 

Frequently asked questions

Is My Payment Information Safe?

Absolutely. Our payment processor (Stripe) has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. 


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