Part 1 in Our Ultimate Beginner Crypto Trader Series shows You How to Identify Bullish and Bearish Candles as Well As a Basic Introduction to Technical Analysis. 

Part 2 Where Things Start to Get Fun as Tex and Adz Dive Into the Essential of Understanding How to Trade Using Support and Resistance.

Part 3 and we start getting a little more advanced as we take a look at how to use one of the most important parts of any trading strategy and making potential profits by trading with trend lines. 

Part 4 dives into the first of 3 of our favourite beginner trading indicators. A crowd favourite and one of the easiest indicators to understand and use is surely the MACD indicator. Take a look for yourself now!

Part 5 sees the second of our 3 most favourite indicators in our beginner trader series. In this episode we dive into the Relative Strength Indicator or RSI. See how we use it to make profits in this video and PDF guide.

Part 6 of our beginner trader series dives into our third and final trading indicator, the Bollinger Bands. This indicator ties together perfectly with MACD, RSI, Trend lines and support and resistance. 

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