Tradehacker Podcast interviews Bitcoin Jack
“Apply patience…it’s going to be your most profitable and scarce resource in trading, something that very few people understand and truly apply.” – Bitcoin Jack
Bitcoin Jack (@btc_Jacksparrow) is a software engineer turned market trader and analyst who is fast becoming one of the most well-known and respected trading personalities on twitter.. and for good reason.

Jack’s unique ability to break down and share complex (and widely unknown) market topics and trading strategies, into easy to digest information has created a rapid increase in loyal followers over the last 8 years.

His scarily accurate and well-presented ideas for market cycles, trading styles, and direction sees him cop his fair share of criticisms online, however as we discuss, the haters are soon silenced when you can back up your analysis and predictions with results time and time again.

We also chat about his buying BTC during the 2017 crypto bull run, why he believes the bottom is in on Bitcoin, his first real “ah-hah” moment that totally changed the way he trades + his best advice for traders wanting to better their skills and think like institutions.

Mentioned In This Episode
Bitcoin Jack on Twitter (@btc_Jacksparrow)
Jack’s INCREDIBLE Bitcoin Bottom Analysis
The Inner Circle Trader – theinnercircletrader.com
Cryptosays on Twitter (@cryptosays)
Books Mentioned In This Episode
  • When someone asks Jack what he does for a living, how does he answer? [00:05]
  • When did Jack first hear about Bitcoin and buy some of his own? [5:00]
  • Advice for new or beginner traders & the best piece of advice he’d give himself if he could go back before he placed his first trade.  [10:00]
  • Jack’s BIG ah-hah moment that completely changed the way he traded the markets [20:00]
  • Discovering GANN and Elliot Wave theory for the first time and how it now has become one of the most important elements of his trading + advice he’d give traders who want to explore it for themselves[25:00]
  • How he deals with the criticism and backlash he gets online for sharing different trading styles and theories [37:00]
  • Moving away from a retail trader mindset and developing an institutional trading style. [43:00]
  • Jack’s thoughts on the uber-popular stock to flow model and his take on it’s relevant in predicting BTC future price. [48:00]
  • BTC Bottom analysis and why, according to his analysis, Jack believes that we have bottomed on Bitcoin and the only way is up from here + why BTC saw it’s recent massive 1-day price decline [52:00]
  • The Bitcoin “liquidity Void” and another reason why he believes BTC is headed up towards this value [1:02:00]
  • BTC decoupling from the traditional market [1:06:00]
  • Resources for learning Elliot Wave Theory and Gann to better your own trading [1:17:00]
  • Best bits of advice for beginner traders and parting words on the importance of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency [1:22:00]

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