ChingasX podcast guest on the tradehacker podcast

Imagine having a set of eyes scanning the Binance Market for you.. on autopilot?

Well that’s exactly what tradingroom.io has created with their brand new offering, the trading room app, and on this episode of the #Tradehacker podcast, we go headfirst into the app and speak with the lead spokesperson, experienced trader and content creator, ChingasX.

ChingasX is all about the power of simplicity when it comes to trading and in this chat, we dive into what he does to keep things simple, as well as get a very special 25 minute LIVE video masterclass on how to use (What team UTG believe) is hands-down one of the best (and 100% Free) trading tools on the market. 

The AMAZING tradingroom.io price action scanner (Just one of 3 brand new tools from the tradingroom

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  • Chingas gives us his background on himself and his background in trading [2:50 – 6:30]
  • We talk about his trading style and how he refined the skills he has as a trader now, as well as how he keeps his trades simple with these two indicators and one particular trading style. He also talks about the mistakes beginner traders make, which we can all relate to… [6:30 – 14:25]
  •  Fundamental skills we need, to avoid getting hurt while trading + the biggest beef he has with new traders. (14:25 – 22:30)
  • We get an introduction to the tradingroom app tool and Chingas explains the biggest benefits, why the tool was created and how you can use it to your advantage 
    (27:20 – 33:00]
  • Discovering GANN and Elliot Wave theory for the first time and how it now has become one of the most important elements of his trading + advice he’d give traders who want to explore it for themselves[25:00]
  • How his partnership with Tradingroom happened and the backstory of how he got started with one of the most popular twitter profiles online [22:30 – 27:20]
  • What does Chingas see for the remainder of 2019? Why he decides to just focus on what’s in front of him and what he looks for, plus the pieces of advice he’d give himself if he could go back in time to the day he started trading.  [33:00 – 41:30]

Skip to 31:30 for the Binance Scanner walk-through and how to



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