Our interview with market trader Cole Garner

“Market cycles don’t repeat, but they do often rhyme…”

On this epsiode of the #traderhacker podcast, we talk to experienced FX trader, market cyclist and cryptocurrency analyst, Cole Garner.

After trading the forex markets for almost a decade, Cole moved into the world of cryptocurrency trading in 2017 and almost immediately understood there was a very apparent (and recurring pattern) playing out year after a year.

Upon deep-diving and analyzing the crypto market for 12 months Cole released his uber-popular article “The Market Cycle Wears No Clothes” on Hackernoon and Medium. Explaining in spectacular (And incredibly easy to understand) detail the four phase of any market cycle and how to identify where WE currently are in this most recent crypto phase.



  • Cole talks about his time starting in crypto and the coin he held from almost nothing until $50! [0 – 5:00]
  • Cole Discusses how he Mirror trades certain online trading algorithms [5:00]
  • How Cole understanding the market helped him avoid the November 2018 bitcoin dump and make one of his most profitable trades of 2018 [8:00]
  • Why people are too emotional with their trades and avoid practicing proper risk management strategies. Plus some great advice for people considering FX [15:00]
  • Forget THIS ultra-tempting form of trading if you want to avoid FX trading disaster. It’s just not worth the risk according to Cole [22:00]
  • Cole talks about his beginnings in crypto and how to take a look at the entire (true) crypto market cycle history using this setting on Trading View [24:00]
  • How to identify these 4 critical components of a market cycle. Cole also shares the market he believes is on the cusp of a major bull run. [28:00]
  • What does Cole see for 2019 in Crypto and where we could be headed this year. [45:00]
  • Does Cole believe that stock market traders have a genuine interest in crypto yet? Could they look to the crypto market when stock prices decline or are they simply not interested at this point? [51:00]
  • How does Cole Vet projects and decide what to trade? He also discusses one of his current positions and the project he’s very interested in right now. [55:00]

  • Cole shares what type of trader he is and also the latest indicator he calls his “new secret weapon”. [58:00]



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