Credible crypto on the tradehcker podcast
The biggest adjustment I had to make was shifting my mindset from constantly listening to the news and instead, listening to what the charts were telling me..

– Credible Crypto 

Trader, investor, and entrepreneur @crediblecrypto is one of the most well known Elliot Wave traders on twitter, and on this episode of the podcast, he shares what it’s like to go from investing in traditional markets to crypto and more.

We discuss balancing life between running a business and trading, to the most important mental traits he believes traders need to adopt ASAP to ensure their success in any market.

He also shares:

  • How he first discovered Elliot Waves, some of the fundamentals of getting it right and how it relates to Wyckoff Theory.
  • Why he believes in another XRP rally and what it’s going to take to get the markets back to all-time highs
  • The importance of fundamental analysis in traditional markets and what makes a solid crypto project for investing in.
  • His #2 biggest rules for mastering trades & developing patience
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  • When someone asks Jack what he does for a living, how does he answer? [0:00 – 3:12]
  • Beginnings in running a business and how he developed his entrepreneurial mindset [3:12 – 7:55]
  • What started his wanting to be an entrepreneur and how parental influences effected his business decisions [7:55 – 10:21]
  • Getting into trading for the first time and how a random conversation at a BBQ altered his entire trading future. [ 10:22 – 12:45]
  • What are the biggest differences between trading equities and crypto, and the reason for buying Shopify shares all the way back at $30 and what they are valued at now! [12:45 – 17:30]
  • Where does Cred start in looking at a new project and deciding where to buy based on Fundamentals and technicals? [17:30 – 19:06]
  • We talk XRP and why Cred is such an advocate of it, Plus what it’s going to take for it other coins to pump again in the future. Plus, dealing with haters online…
    [ 19:41 – 27:40]
  • How cred finds balances between being a high profile twitter personality, a trader, and business owner with family and social life. [27:50 – 20:40]
  • What does a normal day look like and how does he keep a level head with juggling so many projects and responsibilities at once? [20:50 – 33:10]
  • Adopt the mindset traits of a successful trader, to start winning trades, and stop losing money. [33:30 – 35:10]
  • Discovering Elliot Waves and other trading techniques and the massive impact it has had on his trading success. Plus he shares the essentials for those wanting to study it as well. [35:20 – 40:21]
  • Talking Wyckoff and using a “top-down” approach to identifying trends and trade setups. Also how to identify Elliot Wave patterns across multiple markets
    [40:28 – 44:11]
  • Resources Cred suggests for learning about Elliot Waves  [44:12 – 46:20]
  • The #2 golden rules for traders who want to be more successful in 2020
    [46:20 – 50:45]
  • The biggest rule for developing patience and a sold trading mindset [50:50  – 53:20]
  • Cred talks about what’s happening right now in the traditional financial markets and discusses the trade targets he had on the SPX and what stocks he bought his parents during the recent downturn. [53:45 – 58:45]
  • What’s going to get us back to ATH’s and what Cred sees for the next 5-10 years in crypto + Bitcoin in emerging markets like India. [58:50 – 1:04:10]
  • Parting words of advice for trading and life & where you can connect with Cred.

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