On this episode of the Unity Trading Group Podcast, we talk with Dan and Josh, the Founders of Brisbane based startup Digital Surge and chat about their mission to make buying and paying bills with BTC easier than ever before.

This was a great chat to be a part of, giving us an insight into the challenges crypto based startups face and how the boys are playing their role in retail mass adoption of cryptocurrency and just what they’re doing to increase awareness in the space. 


Show Notes


  • Introduction to Digital Surge (0 – 3:00)
  • The Initial hurdles the boys faced with DS Beta Version (13:00 – 6:14) 
  • How digital surge is differing itself from competitors in the market (6:15 – 7:55)
  • The ways in which the boys are expanding public awareness of crypto and DS (7:55 – 8:45)
  • Josh gives us a run down on how easy it is to buy and pay bills with BTC using Digital Surge (8:45 – 9:55)
  • What we can expect to pay in fees when using their platform? (9:55 – 11:00)
  • Dan explains why security is paramount to Digital Surge and how they are ensuring solid protection (11:00 – 12:48)
  • Josh runs us through his role and the numbers of people behind Digital Surge (13:00 14:25)
  • What’s next for digital Surge? How are they expanding their reach around Australia? (14:25 – 16:00)
  • Where to connect with the boys and Digital Surge (17:00 – 18:51)


The 3 step verification process employed by Digital Surge – Taking KYC and security seriously

Where to Connect With Digital Surge 

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