Changing the Way We Look At Trading Bots With an All New Approach..

For many people, the thought of a trading bot can be a scary one. Not because of the errors within bots, but the errors with the humans programming them. The overwhelming complications that come with programming trading bots have been the case-study of large losses for traders who simply do not understand the complexity of traditional trading bots like the current ones on the market

Acuitas Are Solving That With Their Revolutionary Offering

  • Elegant, Intuitive Design With a Heavy User Focus for Simplicity
  • A community marketplace for collaborations with other users
  • A user friendly, professional grade trading strategy builder
  • Back-Test Your Trading Strategy to see trading success rates! 

The complete platform integrates an interactive dashboard, a community driven marketplace for buying, selling, and leasing of proven strategies, an advanced advisor and backtesting engines, along with the proprietary Visual Strategy Workspace to create a seamless and powerful trading experience

Elegant, Intuitive Design

Designed from ground up to intuitively incorporate real time market information, trading tools, and access to our safe community and content.

Community Market Place

Collaborate with other users, peers and expert traders to discuss and debate strategies and trends or buy, sell, and lease user strategies.

Advanced Strategy Builder

Visual Strategy Workspace (TM) gives you the ultimate edge for professional grade strategy building inside Acuitas
(Coming Soon in 2019)

Complete Trading Platform

It’s a complete cycle using Acuitas, from the Analyzer to back-testing, to paper trading and then on to live trading! The Total bot solutions is here Now. 

Get Started With Acuitas Trading Bot In Just 60 Seconds

The Acuitas platform delivers an unparalleled crypto trading experience due to the simplicity of the design, giving new users a head start, as well as delivering powerful tools for the advanced trader. It’s easy to see why so many people are choosing to enter the trading bot space with Acuitas because of its ease of use

Trade Smarter & Get Started With Acuitas Today

Once you purchase your version of Acuitas, You will be added a support group inside Unity Trading Group where we will personally guide you every step of the way with Acuitas, from account set up, adding API’s all the way through to backtesting your trading strategy – Everything you need to know is available 24/7.

For a complete review of Acuitas, including a detailed walk-through and our interview with team Acuitas, take a look at our in depth guide HERE

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