New to trading – Watch this.

We’ve put together this definitely beginner traders series – 100%, because why the hell not?

Everything you need to get started from trend lines to indicators + a whole lot more. 

supply and demand

Forex trading meets crypto. Forget support and resistance lines.. trade with supply & demand instead and nail your trades

Binance is our favourite place to trade, so created thsi complete walkthrough of one of the world most popular crypto exchanges.

trading crypto for beginners

Wet your trading feet this with UTG beginner trading strategy video. We help you nail the basics so you can trade and grow with confidence.

Trend based fibonacci extension trading tool

Trading a coin that’s about to head to a new all time-high? Find hidden levels of support and resistance with this trend based fibonacci tool!

Trade like the whales and accumulate at historic lows with Wyckoff Accumulation techniques. 

Learn how to pick market tops with Wyckoff Distribution and sell before everyone else. 

Master the “One Glance Indicator” and spot trend direction and trade set up with a single look.

Our All-Time Favourite (And Most Used) Trading Tool Is Surely the Fibonacci Retracement. Take a Look Why

One of the most profitable trading patterns in the market, buy before the break for profits with wedges.

Broadening wedge patterns are similar to flag patterns in that they give us an indication of market exhaustion by either the bulls or the bears. 

pin bar trading strategy

Use this simple pin bar trading strategy to easily identify potential trend reversals and key trading points in the market.

trade bitcoin using fractals

“The market doesn’t repeat, but it does often rhyme”. Discover how to spot repeating market moves across assets with easy in this UTG fractal guide. 

trading using keltner channels

Fan of trading with Bollingers? Then you’ll love Ketlners with a great way to identify market volatility and hidden support/ resistance levels

How to trade moving averages

One of the simplest and best beginner trading strategies is ones involving moving averages. We show you exactly how we use them to trade.

Could This be the Best Indicator of BTC Movement Yet? Take a Look at This UTG Guide.

Don’t Trade Head and Should Patterns Until You Read This Guide First.

stable coin trading guide

Everything You Need to Know About Stablecoins Available on the Market Today. (Video Guide Included!)

what type of trader am I?

This could be one of the most Important trading videos you ever watch. Master your trader type and unlock profits. 

a guide to candlestick trading formation

A Guide to Our Top 10 Most Traded (And Loved!) Candlestick Formations to Help You Lock in Profit and Make Some Sats

Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistake Beginner Traders Make and Save Yourself a Lot of Headaches in the Process.

pitchfork tool

A great trading tool for range or breakout traders. Take a look at this UTG pitchfork trading guide

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