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What gets tracked… get’s improved” – Zoran Kole

Zoran Kole (@Captain_Kole1) is surely one of the most rational, level-headed, and respected Ichimoku traders on Twitter and in this episode of the Tradehacker Podcast, we get a very special LIVE look at exactly what Zoran looks for in the ideal trade set up & dive into the mind of a full-time cryptocurrency trader. 

In this wide-ranging chat, we get insights into what makes Zoran tick… from what first got him started in the space,  recovering from the savage MTGOX debacle, his #3 laws of trading and we break down his monster 1 million dollar ETH trade + a whole lot more…

Video Time Stamps:

  • Why he only trades on Bitmex & why he uses the “crypto ichimoku settings [00:05]
  • Gives us an example on ETH of “his bread and butter set up” & where to set stops to minimize risk. [3:15]
  • Why the Ichimoku tool is one of the best tools for trading the markets and knowing exactly when to use Ichi to maximize profits. [8:15]
  • How using a “top-down approach” with Ichimoku is the ideal way to find confluence amongst multiple time frames. [9:30]
  • Why using spot exchange data provides better historical information than charting on Bitmex alone. [12:10]
  • How using price action, market structure, and then overlaying Ichimoku is the best way to finding high alpha entry/exit positions. [13:10]
  • The best way for beginners to get used to trading the smaller time frames and why starting with the higher time frames is the best way to understand the markets. [18:10]
  • Charting altcoins compared to BTC and ETH and why Zoran sticks to 1-2 coins only. [21:10]
  • Why leverage is irrelevant and why you can’t “run from risk”.  [23:40]
  • Parting tips for anyone wanting to understand or trade with Ichimoku and the best way to build experience with the charts. [25:35]

 Mentioned In This Episode

Zoran’s Brilliant & 100% Free Trading Group – Crypto Insiders On Telegram

Books Mentioned In This Episode


  • When someone asks Zoran what he does, how does he answer? [00:05]
  • How did Zoran get into trading and the interesting story on how it all began in 2013 [00:50]
  • Getting hit by the MTgox dump and the mental tricks he applied to get his mind back into the market.  [5:32]
  • First time learning about trading and the simplest way of teaching yourself to recognize patterns in the markets [08:30]
  • Breaking down his monster 1 million dollar ETH long and how the #1 way he controlled his emotions during such a gigantic profit trade. [10:45]
  • His trading plan and defining what works for him now and what he learned from developing it over the last few years. [17:20]
  • Daily habits and routines that have helped him become the trader and person he is today. [19:30]
  • Zoran’s #3 laws of trading and tips for creating a solid strategy. [23:30]
  • How does mindset change as your account balances grow and how to stay on top of becoming complacent and sticking to the plan. [29:50]
  • Zoran’s tips for mentally resetting after taking a big loss and getting yourself back on track. [29:50]
  • Talking about Zorax capital and taking advantage of tax breaks associated with owning a business to write off expenses and invest in ICO’s. [35:05]
  • Starting his free telegram group, Crypto Insiders, growing it to 3600 members and what Zoran has learned himself from it himself. [39:50]
  • The complete trading curriculum that Zoran and his team are working on for release in 2020. [45:30]


  • Zoran’s favorite books for life and trading and the one book that totally changed his outlook on life. [49:34]
  •  Favourite Foods and IIFYM + his hot tip meal to cook for first dates [52:55]
  • Favourite places he’s travelled and stayed [55:14]
  • Zoran’s thoughts on the cryptocurrency space in the next 5-10 years + his view on the 2020 BTC Halvening [56:10]
  • The #1 thing he would tell himself before making his first-ever trade. [1:02:15]

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