Well, it’s official, the world’s smartest trading bot has partnered with Unity Trading Group! 

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our exclusive Australian partnership with the team at Acuitas, who have created what will no doubt shortly be, one of the world’s most popular crypto trading bots.

“Ugh, not another trading bot”, we hear you saying as you read this, and once upon a time, we would have agreed with you. Trading bots and these types of trading tools often get a bad wrap because we see them eating up the charts and placing crazy amounts of small buy orders, or hear the horror stories of people setting them up overnight only to wake up and their whole portfolio has been used for a bunch of horrible buy orders..

Acuitas is a whole lot different though and we don’t just say that because we are biased to the technology they have created (full disclaimer – heck yeah we’re biased, cause they have done an amazing job), but the reason many people give trading bots a bad wrap is simply because they don’t full understand how they work.

Trading bots need to be treated with:

  • a) A hell of a lot of respect
  • b) A hell of a lot of caution
  • c) All of the above

Why, because YES, things can go wrong with a badly-programmed trading bot, but that isn’t the fault of the bot, it’s the fault of the user and their lack of knowledge of how to potentially turn their trading lives upside down with a sophisticated trading tool that can help to automate their trading lives.

Now, Acuitas is a little different than our other favorite trading tool 3Commas.

Why? Because unlike 3Commas, Acuitas is a true trading bot and that’s where the emphasis lays, making it intuitive, sophisticated and giving the user the literal ability to have a bot trading for them on autopilot.

Here are just some of the major features of this first version release:

1/ Backtesting (The MAJOR Benefit of Acuitas)

Think your trading strategy is one that works? Prove it. This incredible feature allows you to program your trading strategy it into Acuitas and it will tell you via backtesting whether it would have been profitable… That’s right, for the first time ever, a trading bot has backtesting strategies that will tell you how good your trading strategy is by backtesting it on any coin you like (up to 3 months in the past). Simply keep refining the strategy using indicators and buy or sell signals you give to Actuitas to create a killer (and profitable) trading strategy!

2/ Eliminate the Intimidation and Fear of Other Trading Bots

You don’t need any IT knowledge to get Acuitas running and the chart & analysis tools are built in. With Acuitas, traders will find a home in the cryptocurrency world where they can learn and build a safe investment portfolio.

Since this intimidation factor has been eliminated, beginners can start using the platform on day one with recommended pairs from the Analyzer Recommendation Engine. The Analyzer also includes options for paper trading to test forward within the defined strategy set and options to dial into any specific result for fine-tuning and tweaking backtest parameters.

More experienced traders can dive into building chained strategies and backtesting with the feedback presented in real time. A wide variety of strategies are included with an advanced system of indicator chaining along with the largest set of indicators and strategies on the planet. Drag and drop for an intensely powerful trading engine.

These are the things that separate good traders from great traders.. which one do you want to be?

3/ Acuitas Utilizes Trailing Buy and Sells

What is a trailing buy and sell you ask? Oh, you know… just one of the most amazing features to ever be created! A trailing stop is an order to buy or sell a coin if it moves in an unfavorable direction. Trailing stops automatically adjust to the current market price of a coin, providing you with greater flexibility to profit, or limit a loss.

In short, it means that if your coins go up or down, Actuitas will adjust your position to minimize a loss on autopilot.. pretty cool, huh?

4/ Has the Ability to Adjust Profit Percentage (Coming Soon)

What this means is for instance; You bought ADA, and want to exit on GAIN of 2%. You have the option to sell 50% of your position at the level you set, letting the rest ride. Your next sell can be another GAIN rise from there, or an EMA crossing down, or any other strategy defined within Acuitas. This lets you lock in gains and still leave some to play with allowing for more profit if this is the type of thing you like.

5/ Has the Ability to Adjust Profit Percentage

One of the coolest features, besides the backtesting of Acuitas is that they are working on releasing a buy and sell marketplace and what this means is that if someone is KILLING the market with a finely tuned bot, or if YOU are killing the market with your very own finely tuned bot, you will have the ability to buy (or sell) that strategy to other traders for a profit.

The best part of this though is the Actuias team will ensure these strategies aren’t tampered with. They have an encrypted database and if people wish to put their strategy on the marketplace, they can opt in and allow trading history to be synced to the cloud that will eliminate anyone monkeying around with trying to make their strategy look like something it’s not.. pretty cool right?!

No word when this marketplace will be released, by the team have assured us this is something they are working really hard on to get released to everyone as soon as possible.

Final Words

At this stage the bots are currently programmed to work with Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex supported exchanges and the bot is still in the early stages of release, meaning there is still a WHOLE lot more to come as they work hard through any issues that are currently arising with a brand new product such as this.

As they say though “All good things take time” and for Acuitas and the possibilities this incredible trading bot will bring, we have a whole lot of time to give.

A Video Head Trader Adam Released In Early December For Our Inner Circle Looking at Backtesting Strategies (12:07)

To learn more about Acuitas, Head Over to their website by visiting here

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