“Apply patience…it’s going to be your most profitable and scarce resource in trading, something that very few people understand and truly apply.” – Bitcoin Jack

One the very first episode of the Unity Trading Group Podcast, we talk with Experienced Trader, Investor, and Financial Educator David Moadel, from Portfolio Wealth Global and Crush the Street.

This was an episode we were very excited to record after coming across David on Youtube some years ago and loving the way he is so easily able to break down the most complex trading indicators, tools and strategies into simple to understand explanations.

In our chat, David breaks down why most beginner traders fail and how to avoid the most common mistakes he sees across the markets and with his own students that he educates.

We also dive into how to vet a project before investing and the stocks he is bullish on in the future after exploding worldwide growth of this particular market.

Enjoy this wide-ranging chat with Financial educator and investor, David Moadel.


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  • David’s background and how his father was a big mentor in his trading life and shares the most valuable lessons his father shared with him. [3:00]
  • David talks about vetting speculative stocks and how someone with limited trading knowledge would qualify a potential project before investing [9:30]
  • Not only does David trade, but he also educates and he runs us through some of the most important traits beginner traders need to adopt to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes he made as a beginner. [15:00]
  • David runs us through an average day and why the dream of “being a full-time trader” is not as glamorous as a what of people might think and why being a swing trade is the most ideal set up for him [19:00]
  • We’ve noticed that David is quite bullish on marijuana stocks and we quiz him on why that’s the case and where he sees the future of marijuana based stocks and crypto as well. He also explains some more realistic ways to invest in each. [22:30¬†

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